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Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
Einige haben die Umfrage vielleicht schon gesehen, da Dot Porter die Umfrage auch über Twitter verbreitet hat, aber vielleicht trotzdem neu fuer einige Listenmitglieder.

Mit schoenen Grüßen aus Manhattan,
Dagmar Riedel

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Subject: [MEDTEXTL] Survey: Medievalists' Use of Digital Resources (especially editions)
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[Apologies for cross-posting]
Greetings  everyone. In preparation for a keynote I'm presenting at the "Digital  Scholarly Editions as Interface" symposium in Graz this September on  medievalists' use of digital editions (https://informationsmodellierung.uni-graz.at/en/events/digital-scholarly-editions-as-interfaces/)  I'm revisiting work undertaken in 2002[1] and 2011[2] with yet another  survey on medievalists' use of digital resources, focused on digital  editions but asking about other resources as well. It has 12 questions  plus a demographics section, and should take no more than 5 minutes to  complete (if you have a lot to say it could take longer).


If  you identify as a medievalist - broadly defined - at any level  (faculty, student, librarian, independent scholar) please fill in this  survey and pass it along to your colleagues, particularly those who are  not on social media or listservs. And if you don't use digital editions  at all I DO want to hear from you! 

The survey will be available until mid-August. Thank you so much for your time.

Dot Porter

[1] http://ils.unc.edu/MSpapers/2807.pdf
[2] http://scholarlyediting.org/2013/essays/essay.porter.html

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