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This is a Call for Papers to the Eighth International Symposium on Medieval
and Early Modern Studies at the University of Arizona, May 6-9, 2010: Crime
and Punishment.




I copy from my website:


What constituted crime in the Middle Ages and early modern time (ca. 800 to
ca. 1800 C.E.)? How did people regard and treat criminals? What kind of
punishments were meted out? How did society survive in a world of criminal
activities? Who were the criminals, and who were their victims? This
symposium will examine the history of mentality concerning these two aspects
and investigate practical and theoretical characteristics. This will be a
symposium in the true sense of the word, with no more than ca. 25 papers
altogether, participants coming from many different disciplines (history of
law, art history, literary history, social history, etc.).



Deadline for submission of abstracts: January 31, 2010, but feel free to
send an inquiry even after that date, to aclassen at u.arizona.edu




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