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Mit Okt 8 10:50:51 CEST 2008

We would like to invite you to the SIM of the Bavarian State Library for a =
talk with the title  "Incunable digitization at Munich: From the Gutenberg =
Bible to mass digitization".
The presentation will be held on 25/Nov/08, at 6pm CET, 9:00 AM SLT by Dr. =
Bettina Wagner in English and follows up a symposium organized by the =
Humanities Media Interface Project, Keio University, Tokyo, on 22 November =
in London, UK.
The talk will demonstrate how the Munich Gutenberg Bible is presented =
online and how users can search for descriptive information in the =
electronic catalogue, thus placing the Bible in various contexts, e.g. of =
15th-century Bible production, of incunable illumination or of provenance. =
In addition, access points for printed illustrations in incunabula will be =

The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich holds the world*s largest collection=
 of incunabula, which currently amounts to c. 20.000 copies of c. 9700 =
editions. The Munich copy of the Gutenberg Bible is one of the most =
important treasures of the library. In cooperation with the HUMI team, the =
Bible was digitized in October 2005 and was made accessible freely on the =
In Munich, digitization of incunables and online access to the catalogue =
descriptions have proceeded in close parallel. The first digitization =
project started already in 1998 and focussed on illustrated incunabula; a =
project for the digitization of broadsides followed in 2000. At the same =
time, the printed incunable catalogue was converted into a database and =
made accessible online in 2004. The catalogue database serves as central =
access point to incunables and integrates all digital images as well as =
additional metadata generated in such projects. In 2008, a project for the =
complete digitization of the collection was begun, and eventually, as a =
complete electronic facsimile will be generated for every 15th-century =
edition now held in Munich. The results are not only made accessible =
through the incunable catalogue database, but also through the Bavarian =
union catalogue and the ISTC and GW databases.


Dr. Bettina Wagner
Abteilung fuer Handschriften und Alte Drucke
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
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