[Mediaevistik] Conference Digital Diplomatics, Munich 28.2.-2.3.2007

Georg Vogeler georg.vogeler at gmx.de
Die Feb 6 19:34:47 CET 2007

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Dear colleagues,

although several of you will already know, I would like to inform you 
about a conference that might be of special interest for you:

*Digital Diplomatics - Historical Resaerch with medieval Charters in a 
digital World*

discusses questions arising from growing interest in diplomatic research 
in digital solutions as well as the continuous interest of libraries and 
archives in modern information technologies. Researchers from Canada to 
Slovakia will meet information scientists and archivists. The papers are 
thus organized in four panels:

- scholarly editing
- techniques
- archives
- diplomatic research

The conference will take place in Munich from 28th of February to 2. of 
March of this year.

You can find further details on the conference at the website at


I would like to invite you to participate. Please do not hesistate to 
register you

at http://www.cei.lmu.de/DigDipl07/anmeldung.php

I'm looking forward to see you at the conference.

Georg Vogeler

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